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IPv4 depletion: why organizations need to know about it

IPv4 is short for Internet Protocol version 4, it’s most known as an IP address. It is a unique numeric label that gets allocated to a device that needs to communicate using the internet. Each IPv4 address is different, no one has the same one. It’s used to be able to either host or network interface identification as well as location addressing. 

IPv4 was first distributed on January 1st, 1983, this is the reason that date is considered the birthday of the internet. It’s still used to route the traffic of the internet today, though Internet Protocol version 6 has also recently been announced, it’s still not able to be used the way Ipv4 is. Because IPv4 addresses were allocated to a certain network, to change it means instigating a completely new IP address.

The depletion of IPv4 addresses

If you need to use a computer network then an IP address is very important, it’s difficult to use the network without it. Not only is it difficult to use the internet without an IPv4 address, but also makes using the internet a lot more dangerous. With an IPv4 address, it made it safer to use the internet. 

When the Internet Protocol version 4 addresses became available, there was a substantial amount of traffic on the internet, and that resulted in too many available IPv4 addresses. In the initial internet architecture, there were a bit over 4 billion obtainable IP addresses. At the time, this was a lot more than needed, everyone could get an IPv4 address for free. However, now this is not nearly enough. Not only has the world’s population grown substantially since the 1980s, but because of the Internet of Things, there are billions more devices in need of their exclusive IPv4 address.

In 2019, it has been announced that all of the IPv4 addresses have been depleted, which means that all networks around the world aren’t able to get a new IPv4 address that hasn’t already been used. This shortage has been creating lots of problems, especially for organizations whose networks rely on IPv4 addresses, or a network trying to become bigger and wanting to bring in more users.

Buying IPv4 addresses

Because of this unfortunate depletion of IPv4s, a transfer market has emerged for it. To sell, buy, and even lease IPv4 is now a lot more accessible. On you can get into contact with a trusted IP broker so this endeavor can be easier and you can learn a lot more about the market this way. An IP broker from Prefix Broker will make sure all of the complicated parts of this market are taken care of, all the while making sure you have a better understanding of it all.