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Magnetfishing will be forbidden at some places

ok Tilburg wants to ban magnet fishing after grenade discovery in Heukelom
TILBURG – Alderman Mario Jacobs (GroenLinks) is going to see whether magnet fishing can also be banned in the municipality of Tilburg. He said this in a response to questions from the CDA. The immediate cause for these questions was the recent discovery of a grenade in Heukelom.

Erik van Hest 03-11-20, 12:13 Last update: 03-11-20, 12:14 Source: BD
In magnet fishing, people attach a strong magnet to a rope to retrieve metal objects from the water. The hobby is growing in popularity, but it is not without danger. A 38-year-old Oisterwijker and his 10-year-old son found out last month when they fished up an explosive from the Voorste Stroom in Heukelom.

Nice corona hobby, magnet fishing, until such a grenade explodes or phosphorus starts to leak
Bombs and grenades
It is more common for magnet fishermen to pick up bullets, grenades or other explosive objects. Magnet fishing is therefore already prohibited in various municipalities, including Oisterwijk. CDA councilor Ton Gimbrère asked the college on Monday whether it is not time for such a ban in Tilburg. He pointed out the dangerous objects that are fished, but also the damage that magnet fishing causes to aquatic plants.

Jacobs agreed. “What happened in Heukelom can also happen in Tilburg. The war also took place in and around Tilburg, so grenades can also be found here. It is smart to look at a ban on magnet fishing. ” Such a prohibition must be included in the General Local Regulation (PV), which can take a while. “But yes, we are going to work on it”, Jacobs said.