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What is Incremental Marketing and Why Does it Matter?

Incrementality in marketing is the lift or increase in the desired outcome (awareness, web visits, conversions, revenue, profitability) provided by marketing activity. This means that marketers can track the difference in outcomes between two similar ads or two similar Facebook groups. For example, if the first ad generated 10% more traffic than the second ad, then marketers will know that their first ad is incrementally better. The true value in marketing is found in the incrementality. It’s knowing the difference in market outcomes (increase in sales, web visits, and conversions) after a marketing campaign. This is possible through incrementality testing and measurement. So is Incrementality in digital marketing possible with multi-touch attribution? 


The best way to measure the incremental effect of media is by testing and experimentation. To do this, we divide our audience into two groups: test and control. The difference in conversion rates between the two equals the incremental effect of that media channel.


While traditional metrics can tell you about clicks or views, they can’t measure impressions. Incrementality measurement accurately reflects the true contribution of your media across your entire portfolio. Want to know the true value of your marketing efforts? There are many ways to measure success, but not all of them can measure clicks and impressions. Media mix modeling and multi-touch attribution only count the number of people who click on an ad. Incrementality measurement, however, takes into account your ads’ impressions and clicks across multiple platforms, providing a more accurate view of your total portfolio’s contributions. Even when using Salesforce, marketing attribution is nothing you can’t do. Odyssey has developed a solution that brings you incrementality insights right into Datorama.


To sum it up, incremental marketing is hugely important. It allows you to track how customers behave across different ad platforms and see what ads are performing the best. Measured provides this service, which is also cost-efficient. You can quickly set up Measured, as it is already set up with 100+ media platforms.