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3 Tips when making your own pizza

Making pizza isn’t always easy, a lot can go wrong. That’s the reason why we’ve decided to write this article. If you’re about to make yourself a delicious pizza, read this and make sure nothing goes wrong. Are you going to make a flat Italian pizza or a big pizza with an American pizza crust?

Don’t be afraid to try new things

Following a recipe is easy and should work 99 percent of the time, but don’t be afraid to break the recipe and try out new things yourself. When the recipe tells you to use 250 grams of flour, don’t be afraid to use a little extra to make sure your dough has the right texture. Also you can try new things like putting some cheese within the crust, new toppings or replace your standard tomato sauce with a bolognese sauce.

Follow video’s instead of recipes

YouTube is full of propper instructional videos regarding cooking, making pizzas and many more. The first time we actually made a pizza from scratch we did it while watching an instructional video online. We prefer this over an old school recipe because the host actually shows how your dough should look and what the structure should look like. We also think it’s a little easier to follow a video instead of using a recipe. When using a recipe you’ll have to read every next step and find back your current step. If you’re watching a video you can just work along with the video, and if needed you can just rewind the video.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

The self fulfilling prophecy says that when you’re afraid of making mistakes you will also make them. Whenever you decide to try something new don’t think of what could go wrong, think of what could go right! When you’re making your own pizza just follow a recipe or video and try to make the best of it. Your first pizza might be a total failure, but it’s totally fine! It took some of the most well-known pizza restaurants ages to make their signature pizza. Don’t think success can come without training or failure.