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7 Most Beautiful Parts of Italy You Should See in 2021


Italy, for a long time, has been a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world. In 2017 alone, over 34 million visited the country for tourism. Before traveling for a vacation, it is a common practice among tourists to plan out their vacation so that they can get the best from their trip.

There are a lot of places that people can visit in Italy and some of the first places that will come to the mind of anyone planning a trip to Italy are Vatican City or Venice with its beach.

If you do not want to visit these places, but you would love to get the best travel experience and see the finest parts of the country. Here are seven of the most beautiful parts of Italy that you should see in 2021. Some of these places are known places, however, others have not gained much fame in the minds of tourists.

1.  Matera, Basilicata: Beauty is one of the many virtues that Italy is known for. Because it is an ancient city, the old structures are fascinating, and what can be more fascinating are the waters. These two features make people want to visit Italy over again. Matera is one of the oldest places in Italy and the world at large. It has ancient designs inside the small caves that are found there. The local cuisine can only be found there and you will find hotels that are tourist-friendly.

2.  Rome: The great city of Rome is another beautiful place to be if you find yourself in Italy. Other than being an ancient city, this place has a nice landscape that can be admired from wherever. There is lots of food to try out in Rome. This place is rumored to be the birthplace of risotto and you can also enjoy the best pizza and pasta while you are in the city of Rome.

3.  Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Campania: You can get some of the most astonishing views of Italy from this location. Ravello is a hilly place so tourists can have a bird’s eye view when they are in this place. Other than watching the beauty of Italy, tourists can also see the Mediterranean Sea while on the hilltops of Ravello.

4.  The Isle of Capri: This goes with saying that the Isle of Capri is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. The Blue Grotto is one of the best places to visit. It is a dazzling cave, one of the most dazzling that you will come across. However, you will need to lie down in a rowboat to enter this place because of its tiny entrance.

5.  Maretimo, Aegadian Islands: Maretimo is a beautiful place to visit when you are in Italy. There are no cars in Maretimo and you have to get to the island by boat. After alighting from the boat, you will tour the rest of the island – the beach and bushes – on foot.

6.  Genoa: Genoa is a popular place and also one of the oldest places in Italy. You can enjoy the city walking through its narrow street. Another awesome thing about this place is that you can escape to France on a 3-hour drive. So, you can enjoy two countries in one trip.

7.  Piazza Duomo, Sicily: This is one place you do not want to not visit while you are in Italy. Regarded as one of the most beautiful plazas in the whole of Italy, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the night under the night lights.

Italy is a very beautiful place to be and if you have visited the popular places in Italy and want to explore more, you can take trips to each of the locations on this list.