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A partnership with IA Group

Legal partnerships can have both benefits and pitfalls. On the one hand, they can help you develop your business by bringing in more experts, capital and risk management services. On the other hand, entrepreneurs who prefer to maintain personal control of their business may find them restrictive or even threatening. As always, finding a balance between the two is crucial to a successful partnership. If you are also considering a legal alliance with IA Group, our newest legal partner, read on to learn more.

About the firm

IA Group, a global law firm, provides legal assistance to the business community. Having expanded to more than 60 countries and a plethora of industries and sectors, IA Group is a leading law firm. IA Group’s corporate lawyers assist multinational corporations, governments, investors and entrepreneurs with corporate law matters. With more than 450 professionals, IA Group offers a wide range of legal services. From corporate structuring to mergers and acquisitions, from governance and compliance to regulatory and litigation assistance, IA Group can help you with a wide range of legal issues.


A legal partnership can offer law firms and their clients several benefits. For example, they can offer law firms greater, deeper and more complex expertise. This is especially true for law firms that focus on small markets or practice areas. Capital can also be raised through legal partnerships. When a law firm partners with another firm, clients can gain access to capital on top of the capital they already have. In addition, legal partnerships can increase the size of law firms. This can be particularly important for multinational firms operating in several countries. Joint ventures can also help law firms manage risk.
Legal partnerships often benefit both law firms and their clients. If you are also considering a legal partnership, IA Group can be an excellent partner. With a wide range of expertise and a strong network of firms, IA Group can offer you access to broader and deeper expertise. Visit IA Group’s website for more information.