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Escape rooms at Escape Hour, Edmonton can be booked online

With Covid-19 cases reducing and weather improving, people in Canada are interested in spending time outdoors. Many of the popular entertainment facilities like escape rooms were closed during the pandemic due to multiple reasons so people who enjoyed escape games, had to limit themselves to computer games. Now the escape rooms in Canada are opening. Though Edmonton has a number of escape rooms, the top rated escape room in the city is Escape Hour according to the travel website Tripadvisor. Some of the reasons why Escape Hour remains popular are discussed below.

Though the Escape Hour escape rooms in Calgary are closed at present due to rebuilding, escape game lovers who want to enjoy some of the best designed escape games in Canada, can book one or more escape room in Edmonton based on their personal preference, experience in playing escape games and other factors. Like many other escape games, the team playing the escape game is allowed one hour to find their way out of the Escape Hour quest room finding clues and solving puzzles. However, Escape Hour differs from other escape rooms since it uses the latest technology to make the escape game a very immersive and entertaining experience for the players.

There are five different escape rooms, 5 Elements, Five lives, Bank heist, Matrix and Senators battle. Each of the escape rooms is designed using the best decor to match the game theme and latest technology, so that players feel that they are part of the story. The game master is monitoring the players closely using the cameras which are installed, to ensure that they are having a good time. If the players find that they are not progressing in their quest, they can easily request clues. While other escape rooms have locks, the Escape Hour rooms do not have any lock. Hence players who are not feeling well or are facing any other problem, can easily exit the room.

One of the reasons why Escape Hour remains popular, is that all escape rooms are private. Only the person booking the room, his friends or family will be playing the game, they do not have to spend time with strangers. The Game master will brief the players before the start of the game, explaining the rules, and in some cases, provide hints. Similarly he will also brief the players after the escape game is over, sharing his views on the performance. Groups can conveniently book the escape room they want online, after checking if the slot they want is free. Escape Hour Edmonton is closed on Monday every week at present.

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