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FIFA 21: A Follow UP To The Closed Beta

Last week, EA has published a pitch notes giving the public an overview on how the developers intend to use the feedback from the closed beta to improve the game. Given that there will not be a demo version for FIFA 21, the developers will have to rely heavily on the data from the beta to make the necessary adjustments.

In terms of general gameplay, the developers have already implemented some changes to the game based on the beta players’ feedback. For example, the will be less occurrences where a player recovers the ball after a successful tackle. The dribbling system has also been revamped to make low-level players more useful. The developers have changed others aspects of the game as well. Certain animations and actions will be more responsive while attributes like vision or passing will have a more realistic impact on the game especially for low-level players.

The FIFA Ultimate Team mode has also benefited from the beta players feedback and the developers have already made some changes accordingly. The main menu of FUT is now more ergonomic and allows faster navigation. There are also improvements to the transfer market and to the description and titles of certain options in FUT. The goal being to make the mode more fun and easy to navigate. The devs are also rebalancing the chemistry styles to allow a better and more impactful customization of the players.

Volta Football also has its share of enhancements. The devs have addressed an issue that prevented the players to distinguish their team from their opponents. The stadium’s texture has been changed for a better visibility during gameplay phases. Some players had complaints about the low drop rate of vanity items. The devs have also made some changes to the volta mode to allow a better inclusion of Groundbeakersin your teams. There are also less division in the mode as a way to improve the match making.

The career mode changes revolve around the improvement of the training simulations, a better AI and a clearer UI. Responsiveness is a challenge for a game with so many modes and the developers know that. Lastly, the Pro Clubs mode, it is now possible to choose CM as your position in the mode while positions like CB and CAM/CDM have received pacing adjustments.

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