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Get your medical certification as soon as possible from this aeromedical examiner

Whether you are a commercial airline pilot, a recreational pilot, drone pilot or cabin crew member, you need an aeromedical examiner regularly to be allowed to fly. This is because you need a valid medical certificate that is approved by EASA. This may seem like a nuisance, but the requirement of medical certification is there to ensure you are fit to fly. And if you choose for Sky Medical Center as your aeromedical examiner, it does not need to be an upleasant process at all. This company operates in an efficient way to ensure you receive your medical certification almost instantly once you are deemed fit to fly. This way, you do not need to wait long for your certification and are allowed to fly again in no time.

Choose a conveniently located examiner that can help you on the same day

No matter what type of aeromedical certification you need, Sky Medical Center can provide it for you. In most cases, they can examine you on the same day you want to make an appointment. That is especially convenient when you want to have your examination done between flights. Another reason to choose for Sky Medical Center is their easily reachable location. They are located near Eindhoven Airport, which makes it even easier to access them. So are you looking for an aeromedical examiner? Then you should choose for Sky Medical Center!

Bring the right documents to ensure a smooth examination

The duration of your examination depends on the tests that are needed and whether or not your personal situation requires additional testing. In order to help them perform an efficient examination, it is important that you bring the appropriate documentation. This includes a valid passport or ID-card, your current medical Certificant and your Flight Crew License or Cabin Crew Attestation. If you have seen a medical specialist, you also need to bring your medical files. Are you wearing glasses? Then you need tob ring your glasses, spare glasses and/or contacts and your most recent prescription. Providing your aeromedical examiner with all this documentation ensures a smooth examination.