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How is law enforcement using ANPR?

How is law enforcement using ANPR?

The job of a law enforcer requires a lot of sensitivity in how they collect information from the public, meaning that mistakes can’t be made. With technology such as the automatic number plate recognition, or ANPR for short, collecting information such as the information of number plates is done much safer, efficient, and reliable. What it does is take pictures of the number plates of vehicles that pass by its cameras and save that data in a database to be used in different ways. 


How does law enforcement use ANPR

The cameras from the ANPR system are placed above the cars of law enforcement officials. They park their cars someplace with a clear view of passing vehicles and wait for the magic to happen. When vehicles drive past the law enforcement vehicles, their number plates will be recorded by the cameras in the form of pictures, those pictures will be transmitted to a central database for them to be processed. The data of the number plates will be taken out and then saved. The data can be used immediately, or it can stay in the computer to be available for a later date. There are plenty of ways law enforcement uses the data from the number plates, next we will give some examples of that.


Examples of ways law enforcement uses ANPR data

Thanks to how simple and quick the ANPR system works, law enforcement has access to a lot of data that is pretty useful for them. Here are some examples of ways law enforcement uses the ANPR data.

  • Compare with other data about criminals they need to catch or want to monitor and see if there is a connection.

  • Find stolen vehicles that were reported missing, with ANPR this will be a lot easier.

  • Help law enforcement create intelligence reports about which locations they need to monitor closely.’

In time, this system will become more and more advanced, and therefore a lot more useful for law enforcement. More ways to use ANPR will be realized, and it will be used a lot more.


ANPR has many benefits for law enforcement

These include helping the police catch their wanted criminals a lot quicker than before. Being able to retrieve stolen vehicles quicker as well. It is overall a system that makes the jobs of law enforcement easier, to help them keep the population safer than they could without the system. So, in a way, the ANPR system benefits us all.