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How Versatile Is A Portable Room Divider?

The portable room divider has proven a favourite among schools, healthcare providers and governments. A system which is easy to move, store and fold – sounds ideal, right? Whilst it’s been a popular screen within the different industries, it’s also useful to understand how portable screening can be used.

The main benefit is the portability. Fitted with small castors wheels, the screen can be moved to and from different locations with ease. The wheels make it possible for the screen to be moved by one person, which is incredibly useful.

In addition to the portability, the concertina designs make the screen suitable for even the smallest of spaces. If your area is tight on space and low on storage a reduced size would be ideal and leaves you without the stress of knowing where to store your new screen.

Dividing Spaces

The most obvious way of using a room divider is to divide a large open space into smaller more manageable areas. Adding a temporary screen makes it possible to add and remove the divide for different occasions or situations.

As well as dividing open spaces, think about how to create an isolated area such as a booth. Working booths are a subtle way to create a private and personal space for meetings or individual workspace.

As we are currently social distancing, many portable room dividers have been used to create temporary COVID-19 testing stations.

Multiple Uses

Choosing a screen with multiple uses is a good investment, this way you’ll always have a use. A laminate screen is the perfect example, as not only can it divide a room, but it can also accept white board pens.

A white gloss divider can be used for training rooms, meeting areas and as a social distancing measure. The laminate material can be easily cleaned with chlorine and bleach-based products making them suitable for healthcare environments.

Another option, the loop nylon fabric. Which accepts Velcro fixings to attach images, information, or notices with ease.

A portable room divider is one of the most versatile screens you can have due to the design and style. Fold, store, divide, section and move all in 1 simple motion.