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Is Google Analytics the right way to track traffic sources?

A customer journey map visualizes your customers’ point of view. It can be used to identify touchpoints where your existing or potential customers experience emotional connections to your product. It’s an effective way to identify challenges and opportunities, and to create new strategies for engaging with customers at every stage of the customer buying cycle. Want to learn more learn in the Odysse blog section. 


Customers are spending more time interacting with your business online rather than through traditional advertising. If you handle every stage of the customer journey well, you will create brand loyalty and grow your sales.  


Incrementality is not a one-off figure, but a calculation that can be used to compare and measure competing traffic sources or campaigns. The creators of the term describe it as: “The value of your marketing activity divided by the value of your marketing activity without this activity,” which in most cases means the marketing activity with the most incrementality would be deemed the winner. This guide will introduce you to the fundamentals of ecommerce marketing, how it’s different from traditional marketing, and where ecommerce marketers can find help today. Here’s one that is customer focused – Customer journey mapping for better UX. Over the years, I have learnt that one of the most important ways to strengthen your relationship with your customers is to listen to them. It is very important for ecommerce marketers to apply multi-touch attribution on your Google Analytics tracking.


The customer journey map places the current state of the customer experience within your organization in a visual format. Depicting interactions and touchpoints in an easy-to-understand way, this tool provides clarity and transparency to stakeholders across the organization. A visual representation of your customer journey allows you to clearly identify areas of opportunity and unmet needs. Designing your website or business processes around the customer journey will significantly improve the conversion rate of your website and the effectiveness of your business processes. The process can be tricky, you need to map out your current journey but also future proof it for business changes.