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Lifehack: How to find your favorite Dutch snacks abroad

Lifehack: How to find your favorite Dutch snacks abroad

If the Dutch are good at anything it is making tasty snacks. If you have ever been to the Netherlands you will recognise that Dutch snacks are on a different level. There are products like bitterballen, kaassouflés, pink biscuits, kruidkoek, stroopwafels, and so on. However delicious the snacks may be, they have not always made it abroad. So, unfortunately for you, you often won’t be able to get your hands on a Dutch snack at a local shop abroad. But, no worries! We have found a way to get your favorite Dutch snacks abroad. 


All the Dutch supermarkets at the same place

There is an online supermarket that only sells Dutch and Belgian products. Especially for Expats who live or work abroad, but of course also for everyone who is a fan of Dutch products. This supermarket essentially brings together all the Dutch supermarkets such as Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Delhaize. You can even find real Jumbo cookies or Etos cotton pads, it’s really a miracle! You can get all the Dutch products you want through this webshop, wherever you are in the world. Warning: With an assortment this large you will be very easily tempted to order all kinds of stuff, don’t be too hard on yourself and treat yourself for once!  


Surprise others as well

This supermarket is not only ingenious to order your Dutch products for yourself. Maybe you have a dear Dutch friend whom you have heard talking about the crazy Dutch snacks. How nice would it be to surprise him or her with a real Dutch snack pack! Or if you are Dutch; you can also choose to surprise your foreign friends with a real Dutch food package. Think about it and take a look at the 27,000 products they offer in the webshop. It will definitely blow your mind!