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Link building Strategies

Getting started with link building or outsourcing your link building can seem like a hurdle. Where to start when there is so much different information about it? Read the four steps to follow below when you start link building.

Work on all key parts of SEO before starting link building

 and you want to start link building, then it’s important that your SEO strategy guides the decisions you make. This means that keyword research into the search intent of the intended target group is the basis for choosing the main focus for keywords and associated longtail keywords. Of course, you also have to work on the other important ranking factors, because all these components together ultimately determine the success of link building.

Write connectable content

We understand connectable content as relevant, informative and sometimes timeless content. It is very likely that other websites will link to your content. For example, create a knowledge base, news section or similar. This is a great way to give more information to your visitors, be ranked for more keywords, show your authority and get more links.

Analyze your competition

It’s good to know what the difference is between you and your main competitors. For example, name the main competitors for an important page and measure the profile of the link with software tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs  or Moz. Then you quickly see what the difference is with the competition and whether you are behind or ahead in the field of link building. It also allows you to quickly see how active your competitors are and where your focus is.

Choose a set of focus keywords with url

Each website has certain keywords that are most important. This can arise because the demand from the target group is large or simply because it is the most important product or service. s for your website. Therefore, for a solid link building strategy, it is important to identify these keywords. Think about the search intent for a keyword. Conversion-driven keywords like “buy coat” are of course very interesting, since the buying intention is already focused on this, also pay attention to search volume, current ranking of the keywords and choose a good selection of different keywords.