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Madden NFL 21 Shows The Yard Mode In This New Trailer

EA has focused on introducing more variety to the new entry of its famous football game saga, Madden NFL 21, so they decided to add a new game mode called The Yard, aimed at entertaining old school players who miss an arcade experience, where there is a lot of fun without complications or advanced controls.

The Yard is a game mode that will consist of 6v6 players matches, in which the style and development of the game is similar to the football played in the backyards. Each player will have their own avatar and can have the skills needed to become the player he always wanted to be.

Además, otra cosa que añade muchas posibilidades al gameplay de The Yard, es que podrás cambiar la posición de tu jugador antes de cada partido.

Contrary to what happens in games like FIFA 21 or NBA 2K21, in which players can only have one position throughout their career, in The Yard the avatar can change position and abilities whenever the player needs it, giving a more tactical and unpredictable touch to each match

After saying this, let’s see the spectacular trailer that EA Sports unveiled very recently, which shows the main features of this promising game mode.

Thanks to the possibilities of The Yard, all the players on a team will have the opportunity to configure their avatar and change their positions to take advantage of the weaknesses of the opposing team or surprise the opposing defense.

So, the gameplay would be totally opposite to that of Madden Ultimate Team, a mode where users buy Madden 21 Coins to acquire players who already have a predetermined position and abilities that cannot be altered.

In addition, another curious aspect is that the players must play an offensive and defensive role on the field, so it will be quite funny and strange to see a QB like Tom Brady crashing with the rival RB  and doing containment functions in defense.

The stadiums will also have their own characteristics and challenges that will have a direct impact on the development of the matches. Players will need to be smart and take advantage of every advantage they can get from the differences between all the stadiums in The Yard.

Logically, this game mode shines in all its splendor is when played in multiplayer mode, since playing alone against the AI ​​can be quite repetitive due to the absence of difficulty and the predictability of the opponent’s movements.

Although The Yard is not the most anticipated game mode by fans, it undoubtedly enhances the entire NFL Madden 21 package making it a much more attractive and complete product compared to previous installments in the saga, having the ability to attract casual gamers who enjoyed NFL Street more than a decade ago.

Madden NFL 21 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 25, 2020. Madden NFL 21 release date for ‘next-gen’ consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X hasn’´t been confirmed yet. MUTeamGo shall have the Madden 21 coins in stock in late August, along with the Madden player card and all!