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More Than 74,000 Cheaters Expelled From WoW Classic

The fight against players who manage to cheat in video games has become one of the great objectives of companies such as Electronic Arts, Riot Games, Activision or Blizzard Entertainment. The latter has banned more than 74,000 cheaters in World of Warcraft: Classic. According to the company, most offenders had used tools to automate the collection of resources or to assassinate enemies without the person being present.

As PC Gamer indicates, the use of tools that automate the gaming experience is strictly prohibited in the license agreement. Another problem is the online trade in game items, something that has caused consternation in the official video game forums. Blizzard has confirmed that it is aware of the problem, but has warned that trading through automated software probably will not go away anytime soon.

A representative of Blizzard said “Trading in real money leads third parties to go to great lengths to bypass our detection systems,”  However, those systems are effective, but they recognize that they still need to be strengthened in the future. Therefore, they admitted that: “Yes, we have had cases where a legal user appeared to be botting [automating actions] another player.”

According to the representative, they have also witnessed users reported for prohibited conduct who, once expelled, quickly return does the same with a new account and the same username. So they said: “This is a source of anger for the players who initially reported it. We appreciate your reports and we understand how you feel”.

WoW: Classic is a version that removes all recent updates and expansions to bring the product closer to the experience of yesteryear. As in all online games, Blizzard has had to deal with those who try to exploit vulnerabilities to profit in one way or another.

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