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Movement in the workplace

No, this is not another blog again on the risks of too much sitting and wrong postures at work. We go one step further and dare to ask the question: who’s responsible for more movement in the workplace, the employee or the employer?

Movement in the workplace

Of course, there are already hundreds of articles written about the unhealthy office life what many of us experience and everyone knows that they are true. Tips are abundant and advisory companies perhaps even more! Why does Amos Beech dedicate a blog to this topic? Because we believe that we have a vision on this issue and we want to share this with you. That is why!

Our position:

“An employer is responsible for the amount of movement that the staff gets during their daily work.”

In general we claim that the welfare of an employee lies in the hands of the employer. They need to ensure the best possible working conditions for their employees. In previous blogs we have already indicated that the productivity of the employees increase relatively to the increase in their satisfaction. This satisfaction can be created by better light, less noise or improved ergonomics, but we believe that more movement should also be part of that feeling of satisfaction.

Movement in the office, even during office hours, is not difficult. You only have to enter a few words in Google and you will end up with an abundance of tips. But what not everybody is aware of is that there are many more techniques developed to help you. The BMA Axia Smart Active oofice chair for instance. This Chair will give you a signal via the associated smartphone app if you have sat too long and gives tips about a healthier way of working, really stimulation and motivating you to get up and move.

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Another great idea are standing meetings. The meeting will last up to 34% shorter, it will increase the group productivity but most importantly: you live 10% healthier! All standing meetings seems the device, but there is 1 step that may be forgotten: standing meetings at a table with chairs around it is not really logical and doesn’t really motivate. A standing meeting table will therefore have to be purchased. Ans when you are thinking of your next office refurbishment Glasgow project, that might be the right timing to put this in.

See what we are saying to? The employer must certainly take into account active employees when purchasing furniture. Maybe even better: he can stimulate them to get more exercise by making the right choices when buying their furniture. That is why we claim that the employer is indeed responsible.

What are the right choices? The details are different for every individual each company, depending on the workers and their needs. There we advise you of course like about it.