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On our youtube channel insurance or credit brokers.

You will be prepared for a future as a recognized bank, insurance or credit broker, although you can also end up in the financial service of a company. Two elective modules give you the opportunity to become an expert in sales or real estate. Commercial training teaches you to work in a customer-oriented way. You are strong with numbers and digital tools. You always think in a solution-oriented way and can stand your ground verbally.

On our youtube channel you will find suitable videos for insurance or credit brokers.


As a student of International Entrepreneurship you stand out because of your great agility, independence, multi-deployability and commercial flair. You are fluent in multilingualism and you are used to working in a highly digital environment and an intercultural context. You will therefore have every opportunity to do so during your training. The sky is more than ever the limit here: you can go on an internship and study trip abroad and you can complete a large part of your education in another country.


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Air conditioning in the car: this is how you enjoy the best air conditioning!

Do you know that feeling? You can stay in the sun for up to 15 minutes to get on the bus. The temperature in the car fluctuated on the roof. Even leather is hot. At that time there was only one solution: close the windows and turn on the air conditioner to dissipate the heat quickly and you can drive with peace of mind. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of car air conditioning? Keep reading!

Air conditioning in the car

The car air conditioner consists of a closed system in which the coolant circulates. The compressor pressurizes the gaseous refrigerant and the pump continuously pumps the refrigerant through the system. The fluid then passes through an expansion valve, which reduces the pressure and heats the fluid. In this process, the coolant absorbs heat from the indoor air. The result: cool air produced by the blower. In the condenser, the refrigerant eventually gives off heat again by driving the wind or fan.

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