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Our Exhibition Wish List

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is; we always have a displays wish list. Our wish list contains the exhibition must haves to take your display stand to the next level, allowing you to excel yourself and show off your business like never before.

From small touches to elaborate styles and stands, the display possibilities are endless.  We’ve listed some of our wish list favourites to give you some inspiration ready for the new year.

Eco-friendly Displays

Take the plunge and switch your general displays for an eco option. You’ll see the eco options can be customisable, bespoke and will make a difference to how you exhibit. The materials used for an eco stand allows you to create a show stopping display whilst contributing to the fight of helping the planet.

Hire Exhibition Stands

Selecting a hire stand will present you with an array of display possibilities. A hire stand will have options which have been designed for you or you can take the custom route. With the help of a design team you’ll be able to construct a stand that is unique and fits perfectly within the stand space you have.

Your design team will ensure you utilise the space to it’s full potential.

Shell Scheme and graphics

If you have secured your exhibition space and you have a shell scheme in place, make the use of this and bring it to life. With a choice of printed foamex or rollable graphics, you have the freedom to print your custom graphics, to transform the boring shell scheme frame in to something spectacular to sell your business and brand visions.

Custom Accessories

A lot can be said for adding accessories to an exhibition space. When teamed and co-ordinated with your backdrop, the small accessories and finishing touches will ignite your stand and create a well finished display.

Using accessories which can be branded and use custom print is a fantastic way to continue your advertisement throughout the stand space as well as being a functional item.

These are our top 4 wish list items which will see you through your exhibition and create an impact with potential customers. What display items are most important to you?