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The tasks of the referee and the assistant

The referee has many duties and powers, here a a few examples.

The referee:
– Applies the rules of the game.
– Interrupts the game in case of serious injury. An injured player leaves the playing field and does not return until the game resumes after the referee has given permission.
– Let the game continue until the ball is out of play.
– Allow care, the injured player leaves the field of play and does not return until the ball is out of play.
– Applies the advantage rule.
– Allow play to continue when the party against which the foul was committed can take advantage of this and punish if the advantage
is omitted.
– Takes disciplinary action against players who are guilty of an offence that should be punished with a warning or a field removal. He is not obliged to do this immediately, but he must do when the ball is out of the game.

The assistant referee.

Two assistant referees are appointed whose task is to indicate, among other things:
– When the ball is completely out of the playing field.
– Which party is entitled to corner kick, goal kick or throw-in.
– When a player is punished for being offside.
– When one wants to throw in a substitute player.
– When fouls occur out of sight of the referee.

The assistant referee must always walk in line with the last defender. For a good cooperation agreements should be made, the referee takes the assistant seriously and gives him confidence. The referee must, however, check that the assistant is performing his task correctly. The assistant is in most cases a leader or changer. If this club assistant is in the conduct of the match shows expertise and fairness the referee will always respond to his signals.

Another aspect of improving your game is flawless communication with your assistants, so you make the right decisions and you don’t leave players in suspense for too long. With a soccer referee communication system you can succesfully communicate and make sure you make the correct calls, so athletes can enjoy the game optimally.