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This is how you improve your procure to pay process!

When we talk about improving the procure to pay process, it will initially sound quite fuzzy. This is because pretty much your entire organization falls within the procure to pay process. An improvement in the organization is therefore often an immediate improvement of the procure to pay process as a whole. Generally speaking, the procure to pay process will never be fully optimized. This is because there are way too many processes within the procure to pay process as a whole. There is always one of the processes that can be improved, so that the entire procure to pay processes will be perfect. Nevertheless, it is important to strive for the optimization of this process. Are you wondering how to do this? Then we’d recommend you to read this blog. This is because in this blog you can read how to do this!

Detect bottlenecks

The most important step in improving your purchase to pay process is identifying bottlenecks in your organization. These are actions in your organization that are not yet performed in the perfect way. You can try to find these bottlenecks yourself, but this will be a very difficult task. Fortunately, there are companies that have written special pieces of software for this. This software takes a close look at your organization and can easily identify the bottlenecks. An organization that has written a really great piece of software for this is Corlido Group. We therefore definitely recommend that you give Corlido Group’s software a try. You will soon notice that your entire organization will work more efficiently.

Implementation manager

In order to actually implement the process improvements, it is important that you hire an implementation manager in your organization. This is preferably an experienced force who has experience working with such advanced software. In this case, the implementation manager is able to read out the software and then act accordingly. It is important that the implementation manager is someone with a charismatic appearance. Employees are generally not happy with change. In this case, a charismatic implementation manager will have to count on less resistance during the implementation of the process improvements.