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What you need to know about underfloor heating

Underfloor heating

Do you know that a person feels cold when the feet are cold? Underfloor heating warms you house from the floor up and by doing so it is warming the space in an even manner allowing the thermostat to be set down with 1 to 2 degrees.

How does underfloor heating work?

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Underfloor heating works in a similar way as radiators; If you turn the system on, the hot water flows through the heating system (in this case via underfloor heating pipes) and the surrounding area will be heated. Both forms are connected to the central heating boiler or district heating. The main difference is that with underfloor heating this is distributed over the entire surface, making your living room from the ground evenly warmed. With radiators the heat rises to the ceiling ans cones back down again and we have just learned that we feel more comfortable with warm and when you are sitting on the sofa you are actually closer to the floor than the ceiling. This is already a fine added value of underfloor heating Edinburgh but there is more: 

The added value of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating in your home has many advantages, also compared to radiators:

  • underfloor heating is invisible
  • you have more space because a radiator is not necessary
  • an even spreads of heat, no cold spots
  • warm feet
  • the thermostat can be set 1 to 2 degrees Celsius lower which saves up to 6% energy anually (this can be up to 15% in well-insulated homes)
  • better for your health, especially for people with asthma or allergies: with floor heating, there is little air circulation thus reducing dust particles floating through the air

Cooling instead of heating

In the summer months underfloor heating is of no use, or is it? If you are looking to cool the house in the summer than that can by done by running cold water through the underfloor heating pipes. In the summer months underfloor heating provides you with cool air and in the winter months you are nice and warm.

Warrenty on underfloor heating

The installation of floor underfloor heating is a fairly technical matter. As the heating is layed under a (tiled) floor, it would be nice if you can be sure that the underfloor heating is installed in a professional way and that if there is leakage, you have guarantee. Incognito underfloor heating Glasgow in Scotland gives industry-leading guarantees and will give you complete peace of mind. Incognito only use the best products on the market.. The five layered pipe, for instance is designed to give you complete peace of mind, that’s why it comes with a 75 year warranty!